Kindle Touch Multi Touch-Touch-screen Functions

The Kindle Touch beats the Nook Touch with its touch-screen functions

The 1st part of the video demonstrates the external features/hardware and the 2nd half demonstrates features on the multi-touch touch-screen


What’s a Multi-Touch Touch-screen?

The ones on the iPhone, the iPad and the Kindle Fire are examples of multi-touch screens. In other words, you can do multiple things with multiple gestures with fingers.

  1. Move the content up and down by flicking/swiping fingers up and down
  2. ‘Turn’ pages by flicking/swiping left or right
  3. Pinch the screen with your thumb and index finger to zoom in or zoom out
  4. Rotate an image by ‘holding’ it and rotating your hand etc.

Kindle Touch Multi-Touch Touch Screen

Touch screen comparison of Kindle Touch vs Nook Touch

The Kindle Touch touch-screen

  1. Tap on the left edge/border to go back
  2. Tap on the larger part (the right, bottom and middle) to go forward
  3. Tap on the top edge to bring up the menu bars
  4. Pinch in a zooming in and zooming out fashion to make the font size smaller or bigger – this is cool and something we didn’t expect the Kindle Touch to have!

The Nook Touch touch-screen

  1. Tap on the left edge/border to go back
  2. Tap on the right edge/border to go forward
  3. Tap in the middle to bring up the menu/tool bars
  4. NO pinching function like in the Kindle Touch

Why is the Kindle Touch’ touch-screen superior to that of the Kindle?

  1. Reading with one hand is much easier with the Kindle. You could hold the Kindle with your left hand (as shown in the video above) and tap with your left thumb to go backwards and forwards. But with the Nook, if you hold it with your left hand, your thumb may not be long enough to reach the right hand side border to go forward. If you hold it with your right hand, the thumb is not long enough to reach the left hand side edge to go backwards (may not be a big issue because you may not have to go back often). There are two additional ridges on the sides of the Nook Touch (not on the touch-screen) to help turn pages forwards and backwards – but we found they were much more difficult to ‘press’ than a simple tap on the touch-screen
  2. On the Kindle Touch, you can pinch with your fingers to increase/decrease font size instead of going through the menu/tool bars to change font size. But on the Nook you essentially have to go through the tool bars because its touch-screen doesn’t offer that function

The following video shows how ‘pinching’ works to change the font size on the Kindle Touch eReader

Go back to the Kindle Touch Review here or if you are already convinced that the Kindle touch is the best ereader for you, get yours here. We would also like to bring your attention to the Kindle Fire because it has a lot more features to offer, if you haven’t already, feel free to check out our Kindle Fire Review on

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