Should you buy a Kindle With or Without Special Offers?

Special Offers do NOT interfere with your reading

Kindle With or Without Special Offers?

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The dreaded question! What’s the Best eReader? Is it the Kindle with Special Offers or Kindle without Special Offers? kindle with special offersShould you go for a Kindle with Special Offers and SAVE $25 – 40 or should you forget that $ amount and go for a Kindle without Special Offers?

best ereader 2011Notice the 1/2 inch strip of ad at the bottom? You will ONLY see this on the Home Screen and NOT while you are actually reading an eBook. We think you will NOT LOSE anything if you go for the Kindle WITH Special offers.

Use the savings to upgrade to the next level or to buy more Kindle books

May be you can use those savings towards upgrading to a Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3G + Wi-Fi or even an Amazon Kindle Fire depending on what your original target was!

Which version of Kindle ereader is cheaper?

  • Cheaper option – the Kindle eBook Readers WITH Special Offers are $25-40 cheaper
  • Expensive option – the Kindle eBook Readers WITHOUT Special Offers are more expensive

Simply put, “Special offers” are advertisements/commercials that DON’T interrupt your reading. You get these ads when you are NOT reading: basically two places. You will agree that these ‘Special Offers’ do not interfere with your reading.

  1. On the home screen – when you’re scrolling through your ebook library; a 1/2 an inch strip at the bottom
  2. On the screensavers – this is when you’re not reading

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Kindle Special offers are NOT just ads

That’s right, you actually get a few SPECIAL offers that will help you save some $$! Some of the special offers that have been offered in the past include:

  • $10 off $20 Gift Card
  • $1 Kindle ebooks
  • Up to $500 off on select HDTVs

Special offers don’t sound all that scary do they? Our advice is to you is to pick a Kindle eReader WITH special offers and use that saved $25 – 40 (depending on the exact model of Kindle you’re purchasing) towards buying some good Kindle books or a lighted Kindle cover for your brand new Kindle/Kindle Touch/Kindle Keyboard!

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