Amazon Kindle Touch Audio and Text-to-Speech

An Important Feature Other eBook Readers LACK!

The Audio and Text-to-Speech Features can be more useful that you think they would be!


Why have Audio on an eReader?

You wanted to know what the best ereader is because you didn’t want to settle for anything sub-par. So if you have the option of having audio features on your ebook reader, why not? Especially if you don’t have to spend a lot? Of course, different people have different reasons for using audio or not. Some would not have any use for the audio features at all, while others will use it for any one of the following reasons.

  1. Simply to listen to music while reading an ebook
  2. To listen to numerous audio books like this one (opens in  new tab/window)
  3. Use it as the primary MP3 player! Now that may sound as a joke :) but I know at least one person who uses a Kindle for both eBooks and music

What’s the use of Text-to-Speech on the Amazon Kindle?

Again, a feature that different people use for different purposes.

  1. Switch to ‘relaxing’ mode, close your eyes, lie on the bed and ‘listen’ to your favorite ebook
  2. Do two things at once: let the Kindle ‘read out loud’ while you cook in the Kitchen or drive in the car

As you can hear from the above video, the computer generated voice ain’t perfect, but it gets the job done unless you’re listening to poetry!

Go back to our Kindle Touch Review or read our review on the Amazon Kindle Fire if you still haven’t. If this video helped you make up your mind on which Kindle to purchase, go here.

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