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How easy would life be if there were few or no choices to make? It certainly ain’t the case when it comes to eReaders. Anyone wanting to find what the best ereader for him/her is going to find out that it is not such an easy decision to make. The main objective of this website is to help you determine which ebook reader suits you best and to do that, we have compiled several ereader comparisons throughout the site.

So what is the Best eReader?

A better question would be “what’s the best ereader for you?”! There is no universal ‘best ebook reader’, all of them have pluses and minuses. Depending on our personal needs and existing ‘habits’, the same eBook Reader may not suit all of us! Let us illustrate that with a simple example. Let’s say, you are an avid reader and you’re a frequent visitor of your local Barnes and Noble bookstore. Given that you B&N lets you read any of their books for free an hour/day inside their store, it would make no sense for you to buy anything other than a Nook eReader. If you travel a lot and you’re away from your home or office Wi Fi network a lot, a 3G connection can be really handy. If that is the case, a Kindle with 3G would be your best eReader. What if you listened to a lot of audio books or like to listen to eBooks using the text-to-speech feature while driving? Again, the Kindle becomes your best ebook reader of choice because the Nook Touch doesn’t offer those features. What if you also wanted to watch videos and browse the web on your eReader? In that case, the Kindle Fire may be your best eBook Reader.These are just a few examples brought up to show how individual needs can affect your decision of ereader selection. Inside, we go into details about specific comparisons such as the ones listed below.
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First things first – Dedicated eReader or multi-media eReader/Tablet?Best eReader

This is the very first thing you need to decide!
  • Do you need a dedicated eReader?
  • OR Do you need a tablet computer that doubles as an eReader?
Both have their pros and cons

  • Display

  • Content

  • Connectivity

  • Price

  • Tablet Computers

    • LCD screen
    • Color

    A negative point about LCD screens is that they give out quite a bit of glare. In other words, reading an eBook while lying on the beach (any place where there is sunglight) is going to be difficult.

    A positive point about LCD screens in comparison to E ink screens is that because they self-illuminate (just like your TV/computer screen), you can read on them even under low lighting conditions. So if you want to take it to bed and read something until you fall asleep, a tablet computer would work just fine. In contrast, in the case of dedicated eReaders, you will need an external light source to read under low light conditions (e.g. evenings when the lights are turned off) because the E ink screen does NOT self-illuminate. If you must read at night on a dedicated eReader, you have to either have the lights on or purchase a lighted cover.

    • eBooks
    • Magazines
    • Pictures
    • Music
    • Videos
    • Games
    • Browse the web
    • Social networking
    • Email
    • Run applications/apps
    • Wi Fi
    • 3G on certain models
  • $199 (Kindle Fire and Nook Color) to $829 (Apple iPad 2 with 3G + Wi Fi)

  • Dedicated eReaders

    • E-ink screen
    • Black and White (e.g. 16 levels of grayscale)

    E-ink screens are supposed to be 'easy' on the eyes. Staring at LCD screens for prolonged periods can potentially tire your eyes. How long do you stare at your computer screen everyday? Does it make your eyes feel exhausted? It's highly subjective depending on the person.

    E-ink screens also consume very little energy and thus very long batter lifes compared to devices with LCD screens.

    The major negative point about E-ink screens is that they 'refresh' once every few page turns (the screen goes black) and page turns are not as smooth as that on a multimedia tablet.

    As we outlined on the other column, reading in the dark would require an external light source.

    • eBooks
    • Magazines
    • Audio books/music/text-to-speech on certain ebook readers
    • Basic web-browsing
    • Wi Fi
    • 3G on certain eReaders
  • $79 (Basic Kindle Wi Fi) to $189

What do you think is going to be YOUR Best EReader?

Kindle vs Nook Review



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  1. Otter
    692 days ago

    Where are the Ratings for the iPad and iPhone protective Cases.

  2. Kindle Touch
    738 days ago

    Kindle Touch is available in Canada finally. In Canada is available Kindle Touch Wi-Fi only. Kindle touch WI-Fi +3G is not available in Canada yet.

  3. Gary Filbeck
    791 days ago

    Very nicely done!

  4. Martin
    818 days ago

    I have searched reviews for kindle vs nook, and I think this site is the most comprehensive I have seen so far. Thanks!

    I have a couple of questions:

    I think serch function is useful especially when reading a novel. Some novels have so many characters and some times I just got confused. Is John the heroine’s cousin or brother in law? I heard Kindle has search function. How about Nook?

    Currently Kindle is compatible with US libraries, but not in Canada. Any prospect about kindle’s compatibility with Canadian libraries in near future?


    • Admin
      815 days ago

      Hey, thanks!
      Amazon has not made any statement with regards to Canada as far as we know, sorry!

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